Interview: Mie Eg Damgaard

One of the things that we love most about running Rare Studio is the amazing people that we get to meet, often in the most random places and from all over the world. We met Mie earlier on this year after she reached out to collaborate on some future projects together and we instantly clicked, bonding over all things travel, business and beautiful design. As we were in need of a photographer, and her an extremely talented one at that who needed help with web design, it came to be that we forged an international partnership and she became the first addition to team Rare. We are so excited to be working with her on all kinds of exciting upcoming projects, but it’s important to note that she is also already an extremely successful entrepreneur, as the owner and creative director of luxury swimwear brand Eg Damgaard, and her own content creation studio The Luxurialist.

We wanted to get all the details from her on what it’s like to be both client and boss, both in front of and behind the lens, and the advice that she would give to fellow brands who are unsure where to begin with their content strategy. Check out our chat with her below, and details on how to work with her are at the end of the post!

Give us a little intro to The Luxurialist and what you do?

We are a full-service content creation studio that helps sustainable and luxury brands elevate their visual presence online through photography and film.

What made you decide to leave your previous job and branch out on your own as a photographer?

I run another business, a sustainable swimwear brand and I have always been very interested and fascinated by the creation of images and video. It’s something that can really make or break a brand. After a few years relying on other creators and photographers  I wanted to take control of my own brands visuals. I knew I would be better at it (once I learned how to handle a camera) as I had extensive knowledge of the business side and what it takes to actually get conversions. Once I got into photography and fell completely in love with it, I knew I wanted to do this full-time. Today I get to help bring businesses to life and scale them through content and I haven’t looked back since.

Tell us a little about how the process goes when working with you?

It always starts via email and I get a quick glimpse into what the brand is seeking. If I feel we are a match I will put together a proposal for the specific shoot that is tailored to that brand. We either then go ahead with the proposal or we jump on a call to discuss details and changes. We are really a full-service business and I want the process to be as smooth and effortless as possible for the customer. We take care of everything from sourcing, models, locations, props, styling, planning and organising. I want our clients to just sit back and know that everything is taken care off and we will deliver exceptional images/videos to them. 

What’s been your favourite shoot to date?

Thats a hard one. I have several favourites and each shoot has its own amazing part to it. What I do love about all the shoots is the people I get to meet and connect with. I have never met so many new cool people in my life, before I started photography. I think thats the most cool part of it. 

If you could shoot anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

I have sooo many places I want to go and shoot in its gonna take me a lifetime to achieve. But right now I really want to go to Italy, especially Portofino. There are many amazing hotels in Italy and one of them is the Splendido. I would just die and go to heaven if I get the chance to shoot at the Splendido. I loveee everything Mediterranean but especially Italy has such a richness to it and the light there is just amazing. 

What are the essential items in your photography toolkit?

I always pack light. I have never understood why you would need to pack lights and scrims or other gear with you. You only need good natural light. I never use flash or strobes when shooting, I hate the unnatural look it gives. Natural light is amazing and so I have mastered working with that. So my essentials is my amazing camera and lens – thats it. 

Why is great photography so crucial for a brand’s success?

There are multiple layers to this but some of the main reasons is the ability to be recognised by the consumer, to tell the brands story and to differentiate their brands to others in a crowded market. A strong online presence is the only way a brand can be successful today. We have seen a shift in how businesses invest their marketing budget and it’s very much towards content. 

What do you think brands should be considering when thinking about their photography and content creation?

They need to think about their overall strategy and how they want to grow their brand and what their goal is. My own mistake, when I started my first business, was to just spread out the content creation across many “influencers” and photographers. I ended up with a mismatch and low quality content that didn’t reflect my business so customers would be confused. I’m sure I could have excelled faster if I had had better content from the beginning. I always recommend a brand to think about their content in the long term and work with creators that understand their vision and keep working with them in the future. 

What should brands look for when hiring a photographer?

First and foremost look at their style and the kind of clients this photographer has worked with in the past. If you feel there’s an alignment with your own brand then it could be a great fit. Don’t work with a landscape photographer if your brand is in fashion – thats the simplest way of looking at it.

What do you think is the biggest thing you’ve learnt since starting your business?

I have learnt so so much its crazy. It’s been the wildest journey of ups and downs and will continue to be so. I think patience and delivering more than what the customer expects is two of the top lessons I have learnt – so far. Everyday I feel like I learn something new.

To hire The Luxurialist for your own project, reach out directly to Mie at:

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