Introducing: Out Of The Box Food

We are so excited to be working with Out Of The Box Food at the moment, a new business in South London that aims to redefine meal prepping by creating healthy, nutritious and chef-prepared meals for busy families and professionals. Owned by Theo Lloyd-Jones, a highly skilled chef who has trained with Gordon Ramsey and worked in various Michelin kitchens and some of the best restaurants in London, Out Of The Box delivers their delicious chef-prepared and home-cooked meals straight to your door, providing you with all you need to eat healthily during the week.

Theo asked us to help with Out Of The Box’s new brand identity and to provide guidance on photography styling, future packaging and the general look of the website. We started with looking at the brand strategy, in particular competitors within the industry and what they are doing well (and not so well) and what steps we could take to make sure that Out of the Box stands out. It became obvious very quickly that there is a definite ‘look’ to many similar brands, with many using bright colours, cartoon-like illustrations and with quite a corporate feel. We wanted to achieve something much more premium and sophisticated, in keeping with both Theo’s background in fine dining and also more appropriate for his discerning London clientele, while also maintaining a sense of fun. We developed a concept that focuses on the craftsmanship that goes alongside chef-prepared food, using hand-written elements for that personal seal of approval. Photography showing the food in the process of being prepared, including the chef himself in context conveys authenticity and the home-cooked, hand-prepared nature of the meals, while a colour palette of beautiful pastels feels fresh and contemporary and provides a pop of colour without feeling garish.

Once the brand identity is finalised, we will also be producing postcards that will go out with every order, detailing the story behind the brand and cooking instructions, along with guidance on the visual aspects of the website. With a developer working on the technical side, we are so excited to see how everything comes together, ready for their launch in a couple of weeks time.

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