Introducing: Mark Alsop Associates

We are proud to introduce one of our latest projects, creating the brand identity and website for Mark Alsop Associates, who specialise in financial planning, consulting, VAT, PAYE & Payroll and training. Having worked for many years as an independent consultant for a number of businesses in and around London, Mark approached us in need of a cohesive and professional brand identity that would illustrate his area of expertise.

We wanted to try and summarise the primary services that he provides to make the business instantly identifiable to potential clients. A grid of financial and accounting related symbols comprises the main logo, which could be used in their entirety or as separate entities depending on context, and allows for adaptation and scalability should he decide to alter his services. The idea of scaling is also carried through into Mark’s printed collateral, which make use of the individual symbols as bold, graphic elements and differentiates the business from others of its kind.

From increasing cashflow and turnover, to payroll and VAT, movement and dynamism are also fundamental aspects of the business and this idea has been carried through into the website through elegant motion graphics, which position Mark’s services front and centre.

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