Part 2 – Sustainable brands we love

Last week, we started our new blog series on our favourite sustainable brands, and it led to so many lovely and genuinely inspiring conversations, both with the brands themselves and also amongst friends and family. It honestly made our week that these brands that we look upto immensely were so open and willing to participate, and to be surrounded by people and businesses that have such a positive mentality and ethos.

It was also incredibly refreshing to realise that we were actually spoilt for choice in terms of choosing brands to go on these posts, a very optimistic sign of positive change. So much so that we realised what was originally going to be a 2-part list really needs to be an ongoing series, so over the next few months we will also be looking at our favourite sustainable brands within home and beauty in addition to fashion.

But first things first: finishing our initial list of beautiful clothing and accessory brands who are championing slow fashion and the positive effect that it has on both the environment, and on ethical production practices. As with Part 1, these brands are from all over the world, and each one is making positive change through their production practices, donations to environmental non-profits or social initiatives focusing on empowerment of women and local artisans, and using sustainably sourced materials.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



Another personal favourite, Italy-based Milaner work with Italian and French luxury artisans who are experts in their crafts, to produce beautiful shoes, handbags, hats and accessories that are timeless in style and provide a more authentic and sustainable approach to luxury goods. Each item is hand-crafted using the highest quality materials, and made to order, allowing the brand to only produce the amount of items purchased, and therefore no waste. For effortless Italian style and stunning items that will become treasured heirlooms to enjoy for many years, Milaner is the place to go. Shop their website here.

Photo: The Mini Elena Woven Handbag – Milaner



Designed and made in Spain, Alohas are rapidly becoming a household name for beautiful, elegant and sustainably produced shoes. Their collections are handcrafted by local and trusted artisans, and use vegan materials wherever possible. Their pre-order system allows the brand to only produce the amount of items purchased, thereby cutting down on waste. They also allow customers to add carbon offsetting to their purchase, and choose the project their donation goes to, from native forest regeneration to renewable energy projects. Shop their website here.

Photo: Indiana Brown & East Croco Brown – Alohas


Maurie & Eve

Australian brand Maurie and Eve are a personal favourite of mine, for their beautiful and effortlessly chic summer collections, including a stunning array of everyday wear in sustainably sourced fabrics and in some gorgeous colours. We also love the fact that as of last year they are 100% carbon neutral, and work in partnership with family-run manufacturers in Bali and India who are equally committed to sustainable practices, minimal waste and empowering women through employment. Shop their website here.

Photo: Various pieces from the Villa Mercii collection – Maurie & Eve


Cleonie Swim

Sydney-based Cleonie Swim produce beautiful and timeless swimwear in recycled nylon, in both smooth and crinkled finishes for a classic textured feel. Their collections feature elegant and flattering silhouettes in a variety of gorgeous summer colours and patterns. Each item is made to order, leaving zero waste and allowing you to make size adjustments for a perfect fit. All their packaging is biodegradable with no toxic residues, and no harmful chemicals are used in any part of the production process.  Shop their website here.

Photo: Breeze Kini in Coral Stripe – Cleonie Swim


Friends with frank

Designed in Melbourne, Friends With Frank have a stunning collection of luxury pieces, in the form of classic tailored coats and jackets. Their iconic silhouettes and colours make each item an heirloom piece to be a treasured part of your wardrobe for years to come. Conscious purchasing is at the forefront of everything they do, encouraging buying less but choosing well and focusing on quality over quantity. They use limited production runs to achieve minimal waste and work closely with their manufacturers, most of which are family-owned and run businesses, to ensure ethical conditions and practices. Their packaging is also 100% biodegradable and plastic free. Shop their website here.

Photo: Camilla Coat and Lucy Coat – Friends With Frank



Designed in Barcelona, and manufactured in Portugal, Saye are proud to be one of the most funded shoe brands ever on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Their beautiful recycled, organic and vegan trainers are not only gorgeous products in their own right, but their sales have also been responsible for planting 98000 trees so far, throughout the world. Every purchase funds the planting of 2 trees in association with NGO We Forest, and their goal is to reach 200000 by the end of next year. Their ethos on helping the environment also extends to their packaging which is 100% biodegradable. Shop their website here.

Photo: Modelo ’89 Trainers in Garnet and Green – Saye


Girlfriend collective

Based in Seattle, Girlfriend Collective already has a wonderful reputation for beautiful and sustainably manufactured activewear, in a range of divine colours. Their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable, and each item of clothing uses a variety of recycled materials, including econyl, made from recycled fishing nets. Their inclusive and body positive ethos is also evident in all their product photography and aims to empower women of all different shapes and sizes to feel confident in their skin, and whatever they’re wearing. They are also donating to a number of charities in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. For more of their gorgeous products, shop their website here.

Photo: Compressive high-rise legging in Moss – Girlfriend Collective

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