Hotel Tangier

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As the gateway between Europe and Africa, Tangier has for centuries been a strategic and cultural hub – a fascinating and intoxicating blend of mediterranean and arabic cultures. It is a mysterious city, filled with intrique, and for decades has been frequented by diplomats, writers, fashion designers and spies.

It is this sense of nostalgic mystery that we aim to capture in every aspect of Le Hotel Tangier, it’s earthy, 70s-inspired colour palette referencing the colours of Morocco, while it’s identity combines both a retro vibe and a handwritten nod to its mysterious guests.

In reference to its mix of cultures and past history, we wanted the brand to be one of contrasts, featuring both the old and new, hard and soft, warm & cool.

The result is textural and opulent - an enticing blend of luxury and history, a home away from home.

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