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Famous for it’s blue domes, winding, narrow lanes and trailing bougainvillea, the beautiful Greek island of Santorini is known for its stunning scenery and a slower pace of life, with visitors indulged at every turn in the multitude of delicious restaurants and fine wines that they serve.

It is the volcanic history of the island itself that has blessed Santorini with unique varieties of grape and a history of producing some of the finest wines in the world – The Assyrtiko grape which is known to produce the finest white wine in Greece, has long thrived in the island’s mineral-rich soils which have been cultivated by winemakers for millennia. Aiming to capture this heritage and unique history, and named after the famous town that boasts the blue domes, Oia celebrates the processes and ingredients that have given the island its winemaking crown, while offering something that is completely unique and special, a new jewel in Santorini’s crown 💎

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