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With the rolling dunes and scorching heat of the Sahara to the east, and the Mediterranean and Atlantic seas to the north and west, Morocco finds itself nestled in its own tropical bubble, blessed by Mother Nature with warm temperatures and year-round sunshine. Over the course of thousands of years, its location and climate have provided areas rich with minerals, allowing unique plants such as the argan tree to thrive, known for its oil laden with health benefits. Rhassoul clay, only found in the Atlas Mountains, has also been used for centuries as a moisturiser and toner due to its detoxifying properties, along with Beldi soap which is made from black olive oil and is used as part of the traditional hammam ritual. Embracing these natural properties and materials, Oum presents a capsule collection of vegan skin and haircare essentials, to bring a slice of Moroccan culture and it’s magic to your own home.

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