Project Showcase: Ninakuru

“Our accessories are the culmination of a movement to redefine quality. We take the utmost care at every step of the process to honour every person, material and design decision. When we respect the creative process and treat people with dignity, an unparalleled level of detail and quality is realised, which is not only masterful but meaningful.”

We have recently had the honour of working with luxury milliner Ninakuru to create their gift packaging and marketing collateral, having originally reached out to them in 2020 to write a feature on their beautiful hats. Their ethos and exquisite attention to detail have made this project such a joy to work on and we are so thrilled to be able to introduce them properly now that the project is complete.

When we first met with husband and wife team Jennifer and Ian, I was so struck by the detail and elegance with which they described their vision for the brand, working from their studio in Ojai, CA, alongside skilled artisans in Argentina and Ecuador to produce ethically made, sustainable works of art. Their hats are rooted in a rich cultural heritage, and reimagined with a refined, modern aesthetic with ethical manufacture, sustainability and exceptional craftsmanship at the forefront of every item they produce. Their name, translated from the Incan language Quechua, means ‘firefly’ and it is this idea of true beauty ‘radiating from within’ that is seen throughout every aspect of their brand, from the authentic celebration of each individual artisan’s talents, to the meticulous quality of their weaves and the selection of only the highest quality materials. It is through this blend that true beauty is realised.

As a key theme within their pieces, it was this story that we wanted to carry across into the packaging and create a seamless and poetic experience for customers throughout their buying journey. After a few iterations that explored different formats for the box itself, we then combined a luxurious magnetic closure with their primary brand colour of a delicate pink, a warm and sumptuous gold foil, and an opulent velvety finish to create an extra special, gift-worthy feel.

The passage highlighted above became a key aspect of their messaging and was delicately printed on the inside of the lid to tie each aspect of their brand collateral together. A custom-formed insert to house the gift card and a branded tape measure was created for the interior in a matching shade of soft pink, to give a truly premium and bespoke feel. As a finishing touch we had elegant grosgrain ribbon custom printed in a matching shade of Ninakuru pink, complete with their branding to tie the finished box together.

In addition to the packaging, we also produced a marketing deck for the brand to showcase their unique story to potential wholesale clients. Using their own stunning photography and a sophisticated editorial layout the deck provides an insight into the world of Ninakuru and the opportunities that brand partnerships could bring, reflecting their inimitable sense of style and taste. We were so thrilled to hear that shortly after completing the deck Ninakuru partnered with a number of exclusive resorts to stock their hats and accessories, including Ojai Valley Inn and one of their exceptional sister hotels in Colorado.

We are so thrilled with the finished products and are immensely grateful to Jennifer and Ian for trusting us with their vision. Their brand is exquisite and a rare gem amidst a world that is only starting to wake up to the impact that the fashion industry and it’s manufacturing processes can have both on the environment and human wellbeing when left unchecked or ignored. Their ethos is both a sentiment that we hope to emulate in our own studio, and one that we hope the rest of the industry looks upto, and look forward to following and celebrating their inevitable success in years to come.

Ninakuru hats and accessories are available to purchase through their website

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