Why photography is so important

There can be a misconception that your logo and website are the two most important aspects to consider when establishing and growing your brand, and while these are important, they are only parts of a bigger picture. Truly successful brands treat their brand identity as a whole, taking into account their entire visual identity, from their logo, their choice of brand colours, supporting typefaces, style of packaging, website design and photographic style. Each of these elements combine to form your visual aesthetic and vibe, and as such each one needs to be carefully planned and executed.

This is particularly true with photography, and by extension, film. We have seen so many examples over the years of a brand that has the potential to be great, let down by average, or worse, bad photography. Or simply photography that doesn’t align with the rest of the brand aesthetic, often creating a disconnect between the brand’s ideal audience and their actual customers. But just in case you need further persuading, we’ve listed below some of the key reasons why great photography is an essential item in your brand toolkit

It brings your brand's story to life

It’s no longer enough to simply have beautiful products

It inspires trust and legitimacy

You might have the most beautiful range of products or the most professional service-based business, but if your photography is badly lit, pixellated, badly styled or any combination of the above, you’re not instilling trust and confidence in your customers. Bad photography suggests a lack of effort and attention to detail, neither of which is a trait that you want customers to associate with your brand. On the other hand, brands who have invested in high quality photography that ties in consistently with their overall visual aesthetic appear trustworthy and established

It helps you to stand out from the competition

Grabs your audience's attention

Inspires customers to take action

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